Our Adoption Process

At NOARC, we strive to make the best matches between our dogs and potential families. Our organization has two main, founding values that we apply to every aspect of our operations, including our adoption program. These two values are transparency and open communication, which we believe are both key to ensuring successful adoptions. Please read below to learn more about how we facilitate adoptions and what this process looks like for prospective adopters.

We strive to make our adoption process inclusive to all and encourage anybody & everybody who wants to adopt from us to apply. We'd love to hear from you. If there are any concerns about our process being inaccessible, please do not hesitate to let us know. We love community involvement and feedback, and rely on it to grow NOARC into the best organization it can be!

*Please note that the adoption process may vary slightly in certain situations. We encourage prospective adopters to reach out with any questions.*


Step 1: The Application

Our first step is pretty straightforward and simply involves completing our adoption application. Once this is submitted, we will review it and touch base with you if it has been approved. We receive a high volume of applications, especially for certain dogs and we cannot feasibly respond to every applicant, although we do our best. In order to approve an application, we thoroughly process it which includes: contacting the 3 personal references and vet reference, confirming the housing (if you own, we verify ownership and for renters, we speak with the landlord), and conducting a basic background check on the applicant & all other adults in the home.

Prior to approving your app, we may also contact you with follow up questions. Please note that if your application to adopt is approved, we will contact you. If you do not hear from us within 2-3 weeks and would like an update, feel free to reach out to us. 


Step 2: Virtual Home Visit

After the application is submitted and you are notified that it has been approved, we will coordinate a Zoom meeting with your family. At this meeting, we ask that all human members of your family be present. One or more members of our Board will lead the meeting. Typically, the foster parents of the pup you have applied to adopt will also be present, but not always. This initial meeting is an excellent opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better, ask specific questions about the dog, and decide if we should move forward. Towards the end of the Zoom meeting, we will ask for a brief tour of your house, hence why we call it a "virtual home visit".


Step 3: Initial Meet & Greet

This step is the first time that you will get to meet your potential new pup! We ask that everyone and every pet from a prospective adopters family/household (including roommates, frequent visitors, and anyone who will help care for the dog) join this meeting. These meet & greets usually take place at the pup's foster home, which we find to be very helpful as prospective adopters can see how the dog behaves and interacts in their normal environment. Everyone from the "Virtual Home Visit" step will be present on our end and it gives adopters yet another opportunity to ask questions, share concerns, and truly get to know their potential new family member from those who know the dog best.

This step remains a requirement for every approved, prospective adopter. Regardless of where the adopter resides, they must be willing to travel to the dog's foster location for this first meeting. We do not "ship" our dogs to adopters.


Step 4: In-Person Home Visit*

After we get to know each other a bit via Zoom and you get to meet your potential new pup, the next step is an in-person visit with our team and your family. The purpose of this visit is for us to see your home and meet the humans we met virtually! This is also another great opportunity to ask our team additional questions.

We will ask for a tour of your property, including any outdoor areas such as a backyard. Please know that we are not paying attention to how fancy, organized, or "nice" your home is. We just want to see where the pup will be living and ensure that it is safe & sound. 

*COVID has changed the way we conduct adoptions and go through our adoption process. We will let you know how your adoption may be affected by any changes we need to make in order to stay safe.


Step 5: Second Meet & Greet

This time the tables are turned and we bring the dog to the potential adopters home for another in-person meeting. We ask that, again, all humans and pets that the dog would be living with (or regularly interacting with) are present. One or two members of our organization will bring the dog and this gives us an opportunity to check out an adopters home for ourselves. Oftentimes, we finalize the adoption at the end of this second meeting, assuming everyone (including our dog and the other animals, if applicable) is/are totally comfortable and want the adoption to happen (YAY!). On occasion, multiple meet-and-greets between a prospective adopter and a dog are necessary for a myriad of reasons. We reserve the right to amend the adoption process, including this step, for any reason.


Step 6: Adoption Finalization

As we mentioned above, adoptions are usually finalized at the conclusion of the second meet-and-greet. Of course, this is everyone's favorite part! This step makes your new furry family member officially part of your crew. Prior to the second meet-and-greet, you will be provided with all medical and behavioral (training) records for your pup, in addition to our adoption packet. 

We don't consider this the "end" of our relationship with the pup or their amazing, new family (our adopters are the greatest, although we are biased) at all! This is the beginning of an incredible life for our pup and we highly encourage open adoptions, which our fosters appreciate as well. We LOVE pictures, videos, and visits! Whether it has been 2 weeks or 2 years since one of our pups was adopted, we are so grateful when we receive updates on their lives. 

We also make adopters aware of the fact that we are always here to support you if issues arise post-adoption. We want to be the first point of contact for adoptive families if they experience behavioral issues with the pup, major changes in their life circumstances, or anything else that might affect the dog they adopted from our organization. We are always available to our adopters no matter how long it has been since they worked with us. We value being part of the extended support network for all of our adoptive fur-families. 


Adoption Fees & Additional Info

Young Puppy (<6 months old): $450

Puppy (>6 months old) and Older: $325

What Is Included:

Unless otherwise noted in the Adoption Contract, each dog's adoption fee includes...

-**Spay/neuter (completed prior to adoption)

-Complete physical examination by our veterinarian


-Core vaccinations (DHLPP, Rabies, & Bordetella)

-**4DX blood work (tests for Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis, and Heartworm)

-Recent fecal flotation

-Updated flea/tick/heartworm prevention


**NOARC does not spay/neuter dogs who are deemed 6 months of age or younger at the time of adoption. Therefore, spay/neuter surgery may not be completed prior to the adoption of a young puppy. In these situations, we implement a Spay/Neuter Contract. The adoption fee for the puppy remains the same and will not be discounted. Please ask us for additional information on how we handle puppy spay/neuter surgeries.

**4DX blood work will not be completed on any dog deemed 12 months or younger at the time of adoption.

*We reserve the right to amend the adoption process for any reason.*

Fee waivers are available for those who may qualify. Please contact us for additional information. As noted above, we strive to make our adoptions as accessible as possible to all individuals who wish to adopt from NOARC. 

Timeline: we tell all prospective adopters that it is not possible to give a certain timeline on adoptions because each one is different. From start to finish, our process generally takes 2-3 weeks. Please keep in mind that this is a general estimate.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to chatting with you!