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Our Roots

Our organization grew from the vision of a determined woman who wanted to change the world for dogs and the people who love them. Her vision transformed into a plan and from that plan grew The North American Rescue Collective. 

Adeline founded NOARC in 2017 with the aspiration of being more than a rescue. There are thousands of canine rescues in existence and she knew that this one had to be different. From the beginning, Adeline realized an ironic truth in the rescue world: lots of rescues are pulling dogs from shelters/owners to rehabilitate and heal them, yet the methods they use actually cause further trauma. The techniques used by some rescues include items such as shock collars, prong collars, and alpha/dominance based training. It is our belief at NOARC that rescue is not rescue if we are inflicting pain, discomfort, and fear on dogs to shape or change their behavior. That's why our organization advocates strongly on behalf of force and fear free training methods for all species. We believe that true healing happens with gentle, positive guidance utilizing scientifically-supported approaches. We believe that every dog is a unique being with their own set of needs and we celebrate their individuality.

NOARC recognizes that the issues resulting in dog shelter overpopulation must be addressed in order for there to be long-term change. That is why the latter part of our mission involves assisting communities with the implementation of programs that deal with said issues. The main focus of our organization's efforts pre- 2020 has been rescue and adoption. In the coming years, we plan to substantially increase our community involvement initiatives with the goal of helping instill much needed change for shelters, neighborhoods, and communities across the Midwestern & Southern U.S.


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